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Thursday Night Football open game thread

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NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Week 15 of the NFL season kicks off tonight when the Jets take on the Ravens in Baltimore. This is the type of game that NFL schedule-makers dread when crafting the primetime schedule prior to the season.

The Ravens are favored by 16.5 points and look like a good bet to cover that spread. Baltimore has debatably been the best team in the NFL this year while the Jets have toed the line between middling and atrocious.

Witg as badly as the Jets beat the Raiders in Week 12, Raiders fans may be happy to watch the Jets potentially get destroyed. Or, they might look at a potential Baltimore blowout as a sign of how far the Raiders truly have to climb before they become a Super Bowl contender.

Regardless, any opportunity to watch Lamar Jackson tear up defenses is a treat and we should view this as such.

Here’s your open game thread. Do you think the Jets can cover the 16.5-point spread?