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What players and coaches are saying ahead of Raiders versus Jaguars in Week 15

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Tennessee Titans v Oakland Raiders Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Emotions will be running high for players and fans this week when the Raiders will compete for the final time under the Oakland moniker. Many of the greats from the past are expected to be present at the Coliseum to take in the final game live, including Charles Woodson and Tim Brown.

The Raiders and Jaguars both will not make the playoffs, and because of that the talk this week was dominated by talk of the last game ever in Oakland.

Let’s hear what players and coaches are saying heading into Raiders, Jaguars in Week 15:


Head Coach Jon Gruden on the emotions heading into Sunday:

“Yea, I wish I had time to stand up here and thank all the fans. I wish I had more time to really sit down and make that the big story here to thank the fans for their support over the years and what this franchise has accomplished and what that means, what Oakland means to the Raiders. So I’d like to thank everyone who welcomed us back when we came back and I know they’re going to stay with us when we go. But I appreciate all the fans and their loyalty and support. We will try to give you one hell of a show.”

Quarterback Derek Carr on his fondest memory at the Coliseum:

“One I really enjoyed, obviously, was the first win. You never forget that first win, in the rain, pouring down, Latavius (Murray) running for all those yards, throwing a game winner to James Jones. I remember C-wood’s last game, a fan running on the field trying to grab him just to say thank you and things like that. The comeback wins, the injury, I’ve talked about that obviously. Memories, I could sit here and talk about all the fun times but there will be a time and a place for that, we’ll have a time for that.”


Head Coach Doug Marrone on coaching against the Raiders in the Coliseum:

“It was always a very difficult place to play, just from a fan stand point and all the other stuff. And then you gotta do a good job, you know the locker room is not the best, and you want to make sure, and we kind of went over that to try and describe to our players the type of atmosphere that it’s going to be, you know the last game in the Oakland Coliseum.”

Edge rusher Josh Allen on being a part of the last game in Oakland:

“It’s definitely a historical game if you think about it. Coach Marrone just told us in the meetings that it’s the final game in Oakland, I’m actually excited to be a part of it and hopefully we win and make that a good history lesson for myself.”