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NFL early window open game thread

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NFL: Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Today’s early slate of NFL games features only two matchups between winning teams, as the Titans and Texans duke it out for AFC South supremacy, and the Bears and Packers take the field for an NFC North rivalry game at Lambeau. With both Tennessee and Houston sitting at 8-5, the fact that they’ll face each other twice over the season’s final three weeks is perhaps the most underrated storyline in football this season.

The Broncos and Chiefs will square off, as the Chiefs get a taste of Drew Lock. After a dominant performance last week, it will be interesting to see if Lock can keep things up, or if he comes back to Earth as expected.

In a game with major draft implications, the Giants and Dolphins square up in the toilet bowl game of the week.

Here’s your open game thread. Who’re you pulling for during the early window?