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Raiders Social Media Review: Week 15

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Spygate 2

I’ve seen some terrible takes like the one below. It looks like the Patriots employee got caught while trying to film. I don’t understand how that’s not cheating. You be the judge.

Step 1: Build Cheap Heat

Step 2: Get Knocked the F*ck Out

Step 3: Run Away from the Cage Because You Got Knocked Out & Tried to Build Cheap Heat

Darren Waller is a Pro Bowler

Mark Davis

I want to be mad, I want to be sad, but at the end of the day he’s a businessman, and the NFL is a business man. Plus, which one of us wouldn’t take a free $750 million?

Fair or Foul?

Slide Gate

I don’t understand why there’s even instant replay at this point, and how you can’t challenge something that happened before the two minute warning. Still doesn’t excuse that play call by Gruden on 3rd and 11.

Time Machine

Onwards to Las Vegas Baby! Can’t wait to continue to have this debate.