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Silver Mining 12/19: Raiders’ Jon Gruden, Derek Carr have ‘significant disconnect’

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NFL: Tennessee Titans at Oakland Raiders Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Raiders News

Jon Gruden, Derek Carr have ‘significant disconnect’ according to Michael Lombardi

I don’t believe it, but then Gruden says stuff like this:

Right after saying on Monday that Carr needs to check down more. This has got to be trolling on his part.

NBC Sports: Jon Gruden believes Raiders signing Lamarcus Joyner will pay dividends

Well, looks like Joyner isn’t going anywhere this offseason. Analysts Reveals Crazy Stats About Raiders Defense & Clelin Ferrell

This is probably going to keep Paul Guenther in all our lives for another year.

AFC West News

Arrowhead Pride: Why is Spencer Ware leading Chiefs RBs in playing time?

Well, I think we know one team that’s going to use a semi-early pick on a running back.

Mile High Report: Lions at Broncos betting odds: From huge underdogs to heavy favorites

The words heavy favorites and Broncos probably haven’t been used in the same sentence since...?

The Hook: Week 15’s Top Storylines: Philip Rivers, Jameis Winston and the Frustrating Falcons

It’s so hard finding any Chargers articles that are interesting, so here’s one with more stuff about other NFL players and teams.

NFL...Tom Coughlin...Thank God for Mike Mayock News

Here’s a fascinating timeline of how Tom Coughlin lost his job:

Big Cat Country: NFLPA report shows Jaguars accounted for more than 25% of all grievances

The final line of this statement reads: “You as players may want to consider this when you have a chance to select your next club.”

Big Cat Country: Jalen Ramsey on Tom Coughlin vs. NFLPA: ‘Tried to tell y’all’

I guess we know who pissed Ramsey off enough to have that “back injury” for a chunk of the season. Also, he fined Leonard Fournette $99,000 for sitting down while he was inactive, and Dante Fowler Jr. $700,000 for not attending non-mandatory off season rehab. What a terrible culture.

The Ringer: The Jaguars had no choice but to fire Tom Coughlin

It’s wild how one person can set back a franchise so badly.