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Week 16 NFL Predictions, S&BP Staff Picks

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

An overall sad week for Raiders fans turned bitter as we lament Oakland losing the Raiders and the Raiders losing their last home game in the city. While it was the Raiders last home game at the Coliseum, don’t forget this Sunday will be another home game for the Raiders when they take on the Chargers in Los Angeles. Expect the Southern California fans to show up and take the stadium over this week.

The staff writers showed with a solid week predicting game outcomes. Evan wont the week, back to his usual self after a couple week slide. He went 11-5 and his pick of the Giants beating Miami put him over both Cyril and I, both of us managed to go 10-6 on the week.

Staff Picks

Community Scores

Meanwhile the fans did even better with two picking 13 correct games this past week. Ai Davis and Sacbomber03, well done. Meanwhile Skimble continues to crush it, finally solidifying his cumulative lead after picking 12 correct games this past week.