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Charles Woodson dishes knowledge on the Rich Eisen show

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NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Oakland Raiders Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Former Raiders great Charles Woodson was a guest on the Rich Eisen show on Wednesday. The interview covered many topics, such as the final game in Oakland, what it was like to be in the coliseum following the loss, the fans raining boo’s down on Derek Carr, and the team’s collapse in the last four weeks.

In case you missed the interview here are some of the highlights.

Woodson’s thoughts on the final game in Oakland

“Man I tell you, it was a lot of fun for somebody who played in that stadium, who wore the silver and black for 11 seasons. You know it was a pretty special occasion for me to be able to come back and light the torch, you know it was just unbelievable. You should have saw the parking lot before the game, the amount of fans that were packed in there early, ready to go support their team. It was a pretty special moment.”

The mood in the coliseum immediately following the loss

“I think it you watched the game you know the Raiders had it pretty much in control for most of the game and then all of a sudden like you stated all of the air was let out of the stadium. I think everyone was anticipating having that moment, you know winning the last game in the coliseum. And all a sudden the last couple minutes of the game they go down and score and you know it was just man, you know. I think that was rough for all the fans in the stadium and I don’t think they knew how to react after the final score.”

The fans booing Derek Carr off the field

“Certainly, very disappointed that it happened, disappointed for anybody who would have been booing for Derek Carr. He’s a guy that goes out there and puts it all out there on the line whether you like his play or don’t like his play. It doesn’t matter, he goes out there and plays hard and I saw clips of him after the game shaking fans hands, walking around and giving his thanks. And so I don’t think that was necessary for anyone to do if they were directing it at Derek, I thought he made the biggest play in the game, at the end of the game. You know he ended up basically getting penalized for the play he made getting down in bounds and giving his team a chance to win the game. And all a sudden you go from a first down on the 22 to backed up. So yea, I’m not to pleased about the way that happened because I know that kid, he’s a good kid, and he certainly don’t deserve that.”

On the Raiders collapse after a 6-4 start

“I think he (Gruden) had a lot of high hopes for the team, they were playing well. And you know two away games, the Jets and then Kansas City and seems like things kind of unraveled a little bit. I know they thought this season would have high hopes, but I know they thought this season would be a tough season but things were looking pretty bright until those couple of weeks and then this last game, I know it was important for him (Gruden) to go out and put a good showing on in that last game and to get the win for the fans. I think for everybody it’s been a long and you find yourself having lost four straight and nobody can believe right now that it’s gotten to this point after looking so good.”

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