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Raiders versus Chargers postgame thread

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders kept their slim playoff hopes alive with a 24-17 win over the Los Angeles Chargers, seeping their AFC West rivals and taking over the Chargers home field in the process.

To boot, Oakland snapped a four game losing streak and picked their way up out of a season-changing slump.

Derek Carr was lights out with Hunter Renfrow back in the lineup, and he was able to out-duel Philip Rivers while leading the way for the Silver and Black. With Josh Jacobs out and the Raiders offensive line wearing thin, this was an especially triumphant performance for Carr and the offense.

Time for Raider Nation to celebrate. Even if the team falls short of the playoffs, winning 7 games and sweeping the Chargers feels good as this team continues to build a brick-by-brick foundation.

Here’s your postgame thread, ya’ filthy animals.