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Raiders Social Media Review: Week 16

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Giving you all the best from Week 16

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Five Things Need To Happen on Sunday

No one, and I mean no one, had the Jets beating the Steelers. Stranger things have happened. It would be the most Raiders thing ever if they made it into the playoffs at 8-8.


I’ve seen this attitude from a number of people. I get it, but isn’t it a good thing if this team makes the playoffs with a lot of cap space, two first round picks, and Mike Mayock?

2019 Rookie Class Corner

Hunter Renfrow was the steal of the entire draft. He’s making a very strong case that it was a mistake that he fell all the way to the 5th round.

I still can’t believe this is a real stat.

Crosby even self identifies as “ Madd Maxx” for the record. He’s not even messing with those other stupid ass nicknames.

Derek Carr and Rushing

Who else was shouting at the TV at him to not stretch his hand out with the ball?

Everything Else

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FINAL: @chiefs get a win in Chicago! #KCvsCHI

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While I do not, nor will ever be happy for a Chiefs win, I just can’t help but laugh about that Super Bowl the Bears were supposed to win once they acquired Khalil Mack.

Michael Thomas broke the reception record, and I can’t find the tweet, but I was dying. The guy just goes off on Reggie McKenzie for taking Jihad Ward instead of Michael Thomas. Leave it to this fanbase to find a way to somehow find a way to be mad about something that has nothing to do with us.

Go to the second picture. I don’t know if this is still true, but the front office has some more work to do.

Just put Amari Cooper’s face right here instead of the Cowboys’ logo. I cannot stop laughing.