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Josh Jacobs underwent ‘fastest surgery ever’ last night

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NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Oakland Raiders Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

After learning that Josh Jacobs would not need surgery on his ailing fractured shoulder injury, it was a major surprise this morning when Jacobs posted an Instagram story of a minor surgery he underwent late on Christmas night.

Jacobs posted brief updates that said “Surgery went great fastest surgery ever,” and “This was random I didn’t even plan on being here,” accompanied by one picture of him in a hospital bed and another of a wrap on his calf.

Former NFL doctor David J. Chao speculated that the evidently minor surgery seems like “some sort of laceration or draining of a cyst/boil.”

The Raiders have not made any statement regarding the procedure yet, but it’s appears quite obvious that Jacobs’ regular season will end considering the timing of his surgery would give him less than four days to recover.

The Raiders may resist placing Jacobs on injured reserve, however, considering there’s a small chance that they make the playoffs if a flurry of things go their way. If they were to place him on IR, he wouldn’t be eligible to return for playoffs.

In 13 games, Jacobs carried the rock 242 times and gained 1,150 yards with seven touchdowns, while adding 20 catches for 166 yards.

Those numbers should be enough to earn him the Offensive Rookie of the Year award, but it would surely have been clinched if he played Week 17.


Ian Rapoport has suggested that currently, sources believe the minor procedure Jacobs underwent late last night, “should not affect his status for Sunday.”

We will have a better understanding of the situation later on once the injury report comes out.

The Raiders have issued a statement that says “Josh Jacobs woke up with discomfort in his leg on Wednesday and he was evaluated and treated for superficial infection.”