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Raiders versus Broncos second half thread

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

It feels like the Raiders dominated in the first half, yet they have nothing to show for it as the score reads as 10-3 Broncos. It feels like the Silver and Black should be up 21-3, but this young Raiders team has found a multitude of ways to avoid pulling out to a big lead.

With one half of football left in the entire decade, the Raiders have a chance put together a defining effort that gives them positive momentum heading into the 2020s.

Let’s see if they can channel their first half frustrations into a second place finish in the AFC West.

As far as the playoff watch goes, at halftime, the Ravens are ahead of the Steelers 16-7 and the Colts are ahead of the Jaguars 20-16, but the Titans lead Houston 14-7, and the Raiders playoff hopes ironically could hinge on A.J. McCarron leading the Texans to a comeback win.

Here’s your second half game thread. If the Raiders do make the playoffs they’d face the Patriots. Not exactly ideal.