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2019 NFL Week 14 Predictions, S&BP Staff Picks

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Thanksgiving week of football came and went and gave us a few key matchups that had playoff implications. The result us Raiders fans were least thankful for was the 40-9 whooping Oakland was handed by the Kansas City Chiefs. Many of us were hopeful the Raiders would put up a better fight. This week, however, looks like a more probably game for the Raiders to win. Going up against the Titans, two of the staff picked the Raiders to nab a victory.

The staff entered last week in a close race led by Evan Groat. Amongst the fans, it was a two horse race between skimble and Rocker☆. There has been some juggling of the leaderboards last week and new leaders have emerged.

Staff Picks

Last week I went 11-5, Cyril went 9-7 and Evan had an off week finishing at 8-8. Now the standings are as follows.

  • BD with 123 correct picks
  • Evan with 121 correct picks
  • Cyril with 119 correct picks

This week the writers agree on 11 of the games. I’m in the minority picking the Buccaneers to win at home against the Colts. Evan likes the Chiefs to continue winning against the Patriots. Meanwhile, brace yourselves, Cyril thinks the Raiders lose to the Titans this week. Good thing he’s in last place, right?

Community Scores

Last week skimble and Rocker☆ were tied with 118 correct picks apiece. Skimble continues his impressive roll, moving to 127 correct picks on the year. Meanwhile, torindorn4life had his crystal ball out for Thanksgiving, picking 12 correct game results last week.