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Thursday Night Football open game thread

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NFL: Buffalo Bills at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

For the second consecutive Thursday night, we will see the Cowboys and Bears. Only this time, they’re playing each other.

With both teams at 6-6, this game could have major implications in the NFC playoff race. Dallas holds the division lead in the NFC Least despite their .500 record, mostly due to the incompetence of their divisional foes. Meanwhile, Chicago has the opposite problem, sitting in third place the the NFC North while needing to run the table for a shot at a playoff berth.

It’s tough to decide who to root for in this one. Or rather, who to root harder against. Both teams have former impact Raiders in key roles and both fanbases have been generous with the smack talk about acquiring said players.

With the Bears first-round pick in tow, the Raiders are hoping they lose the rest of their games and hand over a nice draft selection. But rooting against the Cowboys can be so much fun.

Here’s your open game thread, ya’ filthy animals. Who’re you rooting against the hardest?