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Silver Mining 12/7: ‘JaMarcus Garrett’ will not be fired this season

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NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

Raiders News

Fansided: Tyrell Williams can’t overcome Derek Carr’s bad play

Tell us how you feel.

Clutch Points: Why the Raiders should seriously consider looking for a Derek Carr replacement in the offseason

Damn, tell us how you really feel.

The Mercury News: For Derek Carr, Raiders vs. Titans should be win-or-find-a-new-home

The walls are really starting to cave in. Is it justified or is everyone just overreacting?

AFC West News

Arrowhead Pride: How the Chiefs offense can beat the Patriots defense

I’m getting tired of wanting teams I don’t particularly like to win games.

Mile High Report: Is Drew Lock ready to carry a franchise?

It. Has. Been. One. Game.

Bolt Beat: Where will Philip Rivers, Melvin Gordon and Hunter Henry play in 2020?

The Chargers are about to be a lottery team if all three of these players leave. London here they come.

NFL News

The Phinsider: Oregon QB Justin Herbert played in the Pac-12 championship last night and all Dolphins fans should’ve been watching

So it seems to be the consensus that Joe Burrow is the top quarterback on the board come April.

Eli Manning is probably playing his last game as a Giant on Monday Night Football against the Eagles

The NFC East champion is really about to be 7-9 or 8-8. But the AFC is supposed to be the weaker conference? Alright.

Jerry Jones is keeping JaMarcus Garrett employed through the end of the season

A picture is worth a thousand words.