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The one thing Raider Nation would like Raiders to do this offseason? Fire Tom Cable (and not without good reason)

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Thursday we tweeted out a question to the fans. The question was “If you could force the Raiders to do one thing this offseason, what would it be?” There were a lot of responses to that query, with a fair amount of variation. One response, however, was easily the most common — fire Tom Cable.

That means there were more responses calling for that as well as the most faves of those responses by far than any other suggestion.

And honestly, these fans have a lot to back up their demand. Even if at this point it would appear the longtime NFL offensive line coach’s job is safe at least for one more season.

There seems to be a mountain of damning evidence which makes you wonder how Tom Cable keeps getting NFL Oline coaching jobs.

For going on 14 years, not a year has gone by in which Tom Cable didn’t have a job in the NFL as either an offensive line coach or higher. What has he done to deserve such job security? Well, that is quite the mystery. For every piece of evidence we have suggests he has consistently led some of the worst offensive lines in the NFL.

Last season he came onboard with Jon Gruden as his offensive line coach and assistant head coach. Coming over from Seattle. The Raiders offensive line, which was stocked with three Pro Bowlers and an All Pro and was a season removed from being arguably the best unit in the league, instantly plummeted to 25th in the league and got Derek Carr sacked a career-high 51 times.

Meanwhile in Seattle, the unit that he left went from 31st in the league under him to among the best without him, helping to launch the Seahawks on an improbable playoff run despite seeming like they would have a down year.

That offensive line in Seattle was never good in Cable’s time there. Russell Wilson was consistently having to escape pressure and improvise and Marshawn Lynch consistently led the league in yards after contact, due in large part to seeing contact at or behind the line of scrimmage so often.

In Cable’s seven years as Seattle’s Oline coach (2011-17) the offensive line averaged a rank of 27th and the year they won the Super Bowl they were the WORST IN THE NFL. That’s a testament to how good that Seahawks defense was and how good Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch were at masking the offensive line woes.

Compare that to this past season in which the Seahawks, under new offensive line coach Mike Solari, were the league’s best rushing team.

A month ago Optimum Scouting did a study of Offensive Line coaches using sacks and tackles for loss as their measurement. They found the average number of sacks and tackles for loss NFL teams give up and then found a number either negative or positive for a grade of sorts. Cable ranked poorly. Really poorly.

While his tackle for loss value was positive thanks to having Marshawn in the backfield getting positive yardage when most other backs would not, Cable’s sack value was astoundingly bad. He was the 32nd ranked Offensive line coach even with the positive tackle for loss value (57.0) because his sack value was -135.2; by far the worst in the league. The next lowest was Detroit’s Jeff Davidson with -104.2 and then Tampa’s George Warhop with -75.6.

So, yeah, when Raider Nation overwhelmingly calls for Tom Cable to be ousted, it isn’t on a whim. There is substance behind it.

Some other frequent demands the fans had for this offseason include:

Sign Antonio Brown

Play the 2019 season in Oakland

Sign LeVeon Bell.

Sign Frank Clark

Sign JaDeveon Clowney

Find a true middle linebacker

Re-sign Jared Cook

Cut Johnny Townsend

Trade Derek Carr/draft a QB

Keep Derek Carr/don’t draft a QB

Have Mark Davis sell the team