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One time Raiders Christian Hackenberg, Trent Richardson have lackluster AAF debuts

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NFL: Oakland Raiders-OTA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

NFL fans seem to already be experiencing football withdrawal as today marks the first Sunday without professional football since September. In response, nearly three million people tuned into the brand new league, the Alliance of American Football, on Saturday.

On Sunday, two former Oakland Raiders in Trent Richardson and Christian Hackenberg went head-to-head in the AAF’s second day of football.

Hackenberg’s debut for the Memphis Express was abysmal. He put up a horrible stat line in going 10/23 for 87 yards and one interception in addition to being sacked twice in a 26-0 loss to the Birmingham Iron.

The brief former Raiders quarterback was also heard cursing multiple times during the game making it seem like he forgot or didn’t care that he was mic’d up.

Richardson had an only slightly less depressing outcome. He tallied two touchdowns and a two-point conversion, however, he also lost one fumble and totaled just 56 yards while averaging less than three yards per carry.

With Raider football gone until August, catching some AAF games may be good way to tide you over for a while. There are several former Raiders in the league to watch. Richardson’s Birmingham Iron might be an interesting watch if only because they wear Silver & Black and are off to a good start this season after the blowout win in Week 1.