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After months of Pro Football Focus shouting Rodney Hudson’s praises, they still snub Raiders center from their Top 101 players

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

We all know how good Rodney Hudson is. We all know he’s one of, if not THE best center in the NFL. We follow him every week. Sometimes the feeling creeps in that perhaps we’re just biased. But then Pro Football Focus goes on a two-year campaign to tell us no, we’re not just biased, Hudson really is that good.

This time last year, they named him the NFL’s best pass blocking center, having given up no sacks and just three pressures. The same thing happened last month with regard to the 2018 season. The graphics showing how dominant Hudson was as a pass blocker, and how his run blocking was damn good too were out in abundance.

In the end, they had him as the league’s third best center when combining run and pass blocking. A shoo-in for their annual Top 101, right? That despite Hudson getting snubbed for the Pro Bowl, PFF was the one publication that was going to give him his bonafides, right? Well, about that.

The top 101 came and went, as they drew it out over a few weeks. And Hudson’s name was nowhere to be found.

The only center to make the Top 101 was EaglesJason Kelce who landed at 64.

PFF tried to make up for the snub by naming Rodney Hudson to the “Top 10 players to miss the PFF Top 101.” So there’s that.

Why stop there, though? They should put together a “Top 10 players to miss the Top 10 players to miss the PFF Top 101.” Or better still, just go full NIT and make a “Top 101 players to miss the PFF Top 101.” It’s a long offseason, after all. There are never too many lists.