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Former Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie joining Dolphins front office

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at San Francisco 49ers Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

When Jon Gruden was hired on as the new Raiders coach last year, many people speculated that Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie’s days were numbered with the team. That proved to be true, as McKenzie left the team during the season, but nobody believed an executive with his skills and track record would be unemployed for long.

And today, McKenzie latched onto another AFC team as he signed on in a role with the Miami Dolphins.

McKenzie is the 2016 NFL Executive of the Year and apparently his new role will be as a Senior Personnel guy with the Dolphins. It remains to be seen how much input he will have with the draft, which during his time with the Raiders was hit and miss. Hopefully draft guru Mike Mayock, who replaced McKenzie as GM, can do a little better.

The Dolphins are primed for a rebuild at the moment and may be looking to move on from quarterback Ryan Tannehill. McKenzie got the Raiders out of cap hell and put together a pretty good team before it came apart. The Dolphins are always players in the free agency market with Miami being a prime destination city for NFL players, so McKenzie might be able to work some more magic as he takes his talents to South Beach.