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Raiders given second highest odds of trading for Odell Beckham Jr but that move doesn’t make much sense

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Amidst rampant speculation connecting the Oakland Raiders and Antonio Brown, there has been another superstar wide receiver who could be available and has been connected with the Raiders; Odell Beckham Jr.

The Giants receiver has been rumored to be on the trade block since Jay Glazer first brought it up a couple weeks ago. And a few days ago he doubled down on that prediction.

As far as which team Beckham would be traded to, he has been given 7/1 odds that team would be the Raiders According to Sports Line, Other than staying with the Giants (1/1 odds), only the San Francisco 49ers (4/1) have higher odds of landing Beckham in a trade.

The combination of Beckham, the Raiders, and Las Vegas (in the future) might sound like a holy trinity due to the flashiness and notoriety of the brands, but the consolidation of the three doesn’t make sense for multiple reasons.

Beckham is due a lot of money as he just signed a five-year $90 million extension last offseason. In 2019 alone, Beckham will eat up $21 million in cap space and will be due at least $19 million for the three seasons after that.

The Raiders are in the midst of a rebuild. They traded away Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper last year and now possess three first-round selections and have $71.2 million in cap space. If Gruden decided not to pay Mack more than $22 million per season, it seems far-fetched that he would pay a receiver $21 million.

In addition to the money, Beckham has not been the most mature player in the league. Putting him in Vegas for many years could create issues.

Remember, Beckham went to party on a boat with his teammates a week before a playoff loss against the Green Bay Packers a few seasons ago. It was unclear whether that had an impact on the outcome of the game, but the optics of the situation were definitely poor.

Not to mention, the bounty that would have to be sent to the Giants in return for Beckham would likely involve more than just one first-round pick considering Beckham’s production and younger age (26).


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