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Silver & Black Pridecast Ep 10: Amy Trask talks to us about Raiders reaching deal to play 2019 in Oakland

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The former Raiders CEO discusses what seemed like an inevitable deal for the team to return for 2019 farewell season.

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Raiders Chief Executive, Amy Trask
Raiders Chief Executive, Amy Trask
Levi Damien

The annoying saga of where the Raiders would be playing in 2019 appears to have finally come to its conclusion. Nearly two months since the season ended, it was becoming a punchline that the Raiders didn’t have a home for next season. And it was undoubtedly becoming an annoying uncertainty for the coaches and players as well as they should be focusing on football.

Few people know what the Raiders mean to the Oakland community than Amy Trask. In 1997 — two years after the Raiders returned to Oakland following a 13-year stint in Los Angeles — Trask was named CEO.

These days she’s an analyst for CBS, so naturally with her background with the Raiders, she gets asked for her take on the situation there a lot. Being a former lawyer also makes her insight valuable.

It was the anti-trust lawsuit filed by the City of Oakland that set off Mark Davis and had him decide to pull the team’s lease offer for 2019.

Amy discusses how that lawsuit should never have been a legitimate deterrent for a return to Oakland (7:53), and how playing 2019 in Oakland always seemed like the most likely end to all this.

Also important is getting it done before the combine, so having this elephant in the room can no longer be a ‘disruption’ for Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock (4:00).

And finally, she had some ideas on how the Raiders can show their appreciation to the Oaklands fans and make their Oakland farewell tour a memorable one (10:25).

Tyler and myself give our reactions and add our takes on the subject as well. Enjoy.

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