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Mike Mayock calls Kyler Murray ‘fascinating’: Here’s three reasons Raiders must resist urge to draft him

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One of the biggest questions being posed with regard to Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock’s draft plan is whether or not to use one of their three first round picks on quarterback, Kyler Murray.

Depending on which expert mock draft you read, some believe they will draft Derek Carr’s successor, should Murray be available when the Raiders select. Mike Mayock was asked at the combine about the quarterbacks in this draft and had this to say of Murray.

“I think the Oklahoma kid [Kyler Murray] is fascinating,” said Mayock. “Like the rest of the league, I think the kid is fascinating. It’s kind of where are we going as a league at the quarterback position. Is he too small? Is he dynamic? I think we’re all trying to figure him out. I think all 32 teams in the league are trying to figure out the entire position.”

There is no denying that Murray was electric this past season at Oklahoma. But it may not in the best interest of the rebuild to draft a quarterback, at least not in 2019.

Here are three reasons why the Raiders need to resist the urge to draft Kyler Murray.

1. Derek Carr deserves a second year in Gruden’s offense

Think about this for a moment, Derek Carr has played five seasons under four different play callers (and four head coaches for that matter). I don’t want to come off as a Derek Carr apologist but there is something to say about the lack of consistency that has surrounded him.

It’s been well documented how hard Gruden’s offense can be on the quarterback. Look no further than the 10 game interception less streak as evidence that Carr became more comfortable in the offense. The strides made may not have yielded more wins but as the team improves around Carr they should be competitive in more games.

Also, keep in mind that Carr’s $19.9 million contract became fully guaranteed just a few weeks ago so they certainly are not going to cut him and it makes trading him extremely difficult given the huge contract.

2. The 2020 quarterback class is more talented

Compared to recent years the 2019 quarterback class lacks the high end talent we’ve seen in the past like Carson Wentz, Jared Goff, Patrick Mahomes, Baker Mayfield, and Sam Darnold.

Kyler Murray and Dwayne Haskins, both one year starters in college are viewed as the top options at quarterback, but would be ranked behind all of the aforementioned players if they were in the same class.

The 2020 group of quarterbacks which should include the likes of Justin Herbert, Jake Fromm, and Tua Tagovailoa is a much more intriguing and most likely the safer alternative. Let’s be realistic the Raiders will most likely be selecting in the top 10 in 2020, and if not they will have the capital to move up if necessary.

Let’s not forget, NFL teams are already salivating at the opportunity to draft Clemson’s Trevor Lawerence in 2021.

3. A lot of other needs bigger than quarterback

There are pressing needs at arguably every position with the exception of quarterback and offensive line, especially on the defense.

Between free agency and the draft the Raiders could completely overhaul the defense and still get Carr the weapons he needs on offense. For a change it would be nice to have Carr just be a guy on the team rather than the focal point.

Build a strong defense and dependable receivers, protection, and a running game around the quarterback first. He shouldn’t be asked to put the team on his shoulders week after week, get him some help and see what he can do.