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Super Bowl LIII result, final score: Jared Goff, Rams offense a no-show as they gift wrap victory for Patriots 13-3

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Super Bowl LIII - New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

What a joke. What a terrible joke. The Rams came into this game as the league’s second ranking scoring offense. And left with three points.

While the Rams defense was fooling Tom Brady and the Patriots offense for most of the game, in the end all of Wade Phillips’s masterful schemes weren’t enough to overcome Jared Goff’s nerves and the Rams offense’s ineptitude and give America what they wanted — a Patriots loss.

But instead, what we got was a game in which Jared Goff didn’t surpass punts by Johnny Hekker (8) until his final pass of the third quarter.

There were opportunities to score for the Rams. Goff missed a wide open Brandin Cooks over the middle of the field, throwing way too late on what would have been a sure touchdown. Then in the fourth quarter, Cooks couldn’t hold onto a pass in the end zone in tight coverage.

Even the lone field goal for the Rams was not easy. Goff would get sacked on third down to make the field goal a 53-yard try. Luckily the Rams’ kicker has a big a leg as their punter and Greg Zierlein’s attempt was true to tie the game at 3-3 in the third quarter.

It was a long completion to Rob Gronkowski to put the Patriots in first and goal at the 2-yard-line that was the difference. The Patriots followed that with a run up the middle by Sony Michel to take a 10-3 lead. Then in the fourth quarter, Stephen Gostkowski made up for an earlier miss from 42 yards our with a game-clinching 41-yard field goal.

Julian Edelman was the game MVP, catching 10 passes for 141 yards.