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Report: Raiders reach deal with San Francisco Giants to play 2019 season at Oracle Park

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Should the NFL and 49ers approve of the deal, an announcement would be forthcoming.

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants Photo by Stephen Dunn /Getty Images

We’ve known for a couple weeks now the Raiders had narrowed down their list of potential locations to three stadiums all in the Bay Area. A report from Raj Mathai of NBC Bay Area immediately following the Super Bowl says that location will be Oracle Park in San Francisco.

Update: This does NOT mean this is a done deal. Agreeing to terms with the Giants is just one part of the equation. The 49ers must give up territorial rights and the NFL must also approve it.

Oracle Park is the closest possible stadium to Oakland that isn’t playing in Oakland. Mark Davis decided he wanted to play elsewhere the moment the City of Oakland filed an anti-trust lawsuit against him late last season.

Davis has also never been fond of the idea of sharing Levi’s Stadium with the 49ers, so he has been working toward the third option which would once again mean sharing a stadium with a baseball team. Only in this instance, it is not so easily transitioned into a football stadium.

Oracle Park — previously AT&T Park — is an awkward fit for a football field. It forces both teams to share the same sideline and on the other side, putting up temporary bleachers that will sit in front of the existing outfield seats.

For fans as well as the players, it would be a just a short trip across to bridge or BART ride over to the game. Santa Clara is a bit more of a trek and public transportation quite difficult as is traffic in and out.