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Consolation prize: Raiders still only LA based NFL team to win a Super Bowl

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Tom Flores

Though some 75% of Raiders fans were rooting hard for the Patriots to lose the Super Bowl, there is a small bit of comfort that comes from the Rams not hoisting the Lombardi — it means the Raiders remain the only NFL franchise to bring a Super Bowl championship to the city of Los Angeles.

The Rams have won the Super Bowl, but they did it while in St Louis. The Los Angeles Rams have won the NFL Championship, but that was 1951, before it was the Super Bowl. They also won an NFL Championship in 1945 as the Cleveland Rams.

Despite the Rams having 29 chances from 1966 to 1994, they could never secure a Lombardi trophy. They made the Super Bowl once following the 1979 season, but would lose 31-19 to the Steelers.

In total, the Raiders have won three Super Bowls. The first two were in Oakland following the 1976 and 1980 seasons. They then moved to LA in 1982 and won their third Super Bowl in 1983.

So, the only team to win the Super Bowl and hoist the Lombardi Trophy as a Los Angeles team were the 1983 LA Raiders. Something Mark Davis was quick to throw in longtime Los Angeles Times beat writer Sam Farmer once the Super Bowl was over on Sunday.

I guess when you haven’t won a playoff game with one winning season in 16 years, and you just watched the hated Patriots win their sixth Super Bowl since the Tuck Rule game, even the small victories count.

Getting the head coach of that 1983 Super Bowl in the Hall of Fame would have been preferable, but that didn’t happen.