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Raiders QB Derek Carr’s 2019 salary becomes guaranteed today

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Oakland Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

We are three days after the Super Bowl. This day is significant because it’s when many players have guarantees that kick in for the following season’s salary. It means a lot of teams will be making tough decisions. Whether that is to roll with a player and his salary or to cut him loose.

Derek Carr is such a player. His $19.9 million base salary for 2019 becomes guaranteed today, as noted by ESPN’s Field Yates.

What this means is if Derek Carr is still on the roster by 1:00 pm Pacific (4 pm ET) today, he isn’t getting cut. Not that he was expected to be cut, but it certainly would put a stop to any such speculation because the Raiders would be on the hook for his contract if they cut him after today.

It won’t, however, stop trade speculation. Should the Raiders trade him, the team acquiring him would take on his contract, so you may commence with trade speculation if that’s your thing.