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Derek Carr picked his basketball lineup putting himself at point guard, which Raiders would Raider Nation use?

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A question is floating around twitter right now asking which NFL players you would use to put together a basketball lineup. The task is to fill each of five positions — point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and center — and a sixth man. Derek Carr put his lineup together, of course putting himself at the point.

The rest of his team were all former Raiders. No current Raiders players. He has Amari Cooper at shooting guard, former Fresno State teammate Davante Adams at small forward, Latavius Murray at power forward, and Khalil Mack at center. He added Rod Streater as the sixth man and put James Jones as the coach.

Donald Penn responded, hurt that Carr wouldn’t put him at center instead of Mack, and Carr responded by saying this was the “small ball” lineup. Penn is 6-4 while Mack is 6-3.

So, Raider Nation, since Carr put together a team of all former Raiders, I ask you; if you were to put together a team of all current Raiders players, what would it look like?