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Post Super Bowl 53 Raiders at or near bottom in various post Super Bowl 54 odds

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NFL: Las Vegas Views Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hours after the Patriots escaped the Rams in a 13-3 snoozefest in Super Bowl 53, the oddsmakers were busy updating their Super Bowl 54 odds. While the shortest odds changed since prior to the Conference Championship games, not a whole lot had changed as far as the Raiders’ position in the odds. They’re still at or near the longest odds according to various betting sites.

Here are four top sites with the Raiders odds following in parenthesis the favorites and the longest odds.

Bovada: 100/1 (favorite: Patriots 13/2, longest: Dolphins 300/1)

Westgate: 100/1 (favorite: Chiefs 6/1, longest: Dolphins 300/1) 100/1 (favorite: Patriots 13/2, longest: 4 tied at 100/1)

William Hill: 125/1 (favorite: Patriots 13/2, longest: Dolphins 150/1)

Only Washington and Miami have longer odds for Bovada. Only Miami has longer odds via Westgate and William Hill. Raiders are tied for the longest odds on BetOnline.

Some of these may have changed a bit with bets being placed on the past few days, so check individual sites for those changes. The next major changes to the odds will happen after free agency in March.