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Recent history shows Raiders could be in prime position to be a trade partner for quarterback needy teams

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The recipe for success in the NFL starts with drafting a franchise quarterback. If you look back on the last 15 winners of the Super Bowl, you will notice that 12 of those 15 were won by quarterbacks who were original draft picks by that team — Brady 4, P. Manning 1, Joe Flacco 1, E. Manning 2, Roethlisberger 2, Wilson 1, and Rodgers 1.

There isn’t a more valuable position on an NFL football team than quarterback. That’s why each year in the draft teams are desperate to have a shot at getting one. Just as the Cardinals were when they traded up with the Raiders in last year’s draft to get Josh Rosen at 10th overall.

Looking back on the 14 drafts in that time span, there have been 20 examples of teams trading up in round one to select a quarterback. Teams moved into the top five in six of the 20 trades.

Sitting at fourth overall, the Raiders are in a prime position to take full advantage of quarterback needy teams who are selecting behind them.

Five notable teams who could be in the QB market include the Giants (6), Jaguars (7), Broncos (10), Dolphins (13), and Washington (15). Another factor that works in the Raiders favor is the quarterback class not deep on talent. After Dwayne Haskins and Kyler Murray there is a significant drop off.

Should the Raiders get the call from one of these teams they could slide down a few spots in round one and add extra picks in later rounds and possibly future drafts.

Imagine this scenario. The Raiders make a trade with the Jaguars. In the deal the Raiders move down to pick 7, add at least a 2019 second, perhaps one or both of the Jags two third round picks, or some combination that includes a pick in 2020. The Raiders may still have an opportunity to draft a high impact player like Clelin Ferrell or Devin White with their first pick and load up on talent with an added pick in the top 38.

The possibilities are endless. If history should repeat itself, Gruden and Mayock will be faced with their first tough decision in a draft that will be the franchise’s most important in recent memory.