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Report: Raiders re-open negotiations with Coliseum officials to play in Oakland next season

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This is the first time the team and city have talked since the lawsuit was announced in December.

Kirby Lee - USA TODAY Sports

Already a week into February, the Raiders still have not found a home for the 2019 season. After the City of Oakland filed an antitrust lawsuit against Mark Davis and his team for their impending move to Las Vegas, Davis took their lease off for the 2019 season off the table, leading to the very real possibility the Silver & Black had played their last season in Oakland.

After exploring several other options, the Raiders have reportedly re-opened talks with Coliseum officials to play in Oakland for one more year according to Larry Beil of San Francisco’s ABC7 News.

The news comes just days after both the Mayor of San Francisco and the 49ers shot-down any ideas of the Raiders renting out Oracle Stadium for a season. With a potential deal with the San Francisco Giants off the table, the Raiders options were narrowed to either sharing Levi’s stadium with the Niners, or returning to Oakland Coliseum for one last season.

Neither option is ideal for Mark Davis, and he will be forced to swallow his pride no matter which option he chooses. It is no secret that Davis has no interest in renting from the Raiders Bay Area rivals. That leaves Oakland as his second option.

Fortunately for the Raiders, the Coliseum Authority is still open to the previous $7.5 million offer according to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

The Raiders will likely be discontent either way, but with Roger Goodell pressing for an answer, they are running out of time and options. The NFL generally announces its preseason and regular-season schedules by mid-April.