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Giants Star Brandon Crawford really hoping prospect of Raiders playing at Oracle is indeed dead

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MLB: San Francisco Giants at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

It is almost a week since the Super Bowl and the Oakland Raiders still don’t have a firm grasp on where they will be playing football this fall. Mark Davis wants to keep the Raiders in the Bay Area for their final season before moving to Las Vegas. Levi’s stadium in Santa Clara and Oakland Coliseum remain the favorites. The third option was Oracle Park but that appears to be dead on arrival.

The prospect of the Raiders playing at Oracle has already seen a ton of opposition including the Mayor of San Francisco coming out publicly against it and the 49ers being unlikely to relinquish territorial rights. The latest to lend his disapproval is Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford.

“I wouldn’t be the biggest fan of that. I’ll leave it at that,” Crawford said via NBC Sports. “We saw what a weekend of rugby did last year to our field. With as good as our grounds crew is, it was still probably the worst I had ever seen after that weekend of rugby last year. I can only imagine what an NFL game would do to it. It doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. That’s what I’m hoping.”

It would appear Crawford shouldn’t have to worry as the move to Oracle seems far-fetched at this point. However, the past few months of the Raiders attempting to find a home for 2019 has shown that anything could happen and could change at a moment’s notice.