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NFL Draft: Notable upcoming college pro day workout dates

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NCAA Football: Oklahoma Pro Day Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the combine is completed, we enter the next phase of the draft evaluation process which is pro days.

Pro day workouts are a great opportunity for prospects who did not perform well at the combine to redeem themselves. Also those who did not receive combine invites have a chance to show scouts and GM’s what they can do.

Here is the schedule for some of the more notable college programs in the country.

March 11th

Arkansas, 9:00 am

Illinois, 10:00 am

March 12th

Georgia Tech, 9:00 am

Oklahoma State, 10:00 am

Northwestern, 11:30 am

March 13th

Buffalo, 8:30 am

Oklahoma, 10:00 am

Wisconsin, 11:00 am

March 14th

Clemson, 8:00 am

Tennessee, 8:00 am

March 15th

Michigan, 8:00 am

Oregon State, 2:00 pm

March 18th

Michigan State, 11:30 am

Syracuse, 12:15 pm

Fresno State, 1:45 pm

March 19th

Penn State, 10:00 am

Alabama, 12:00 pm

Louisiana Tech, TBD

March 20th

Wake Forest, 9:00 am

Georgia, 9:00 am

Baylor, 9:30 am

Notre Dame, 10:00 am

Pittsburgh, 10:00 am

USC, 10:30 am

Boston College, 1:00 pm

Ohio State, TBD

March 21st

South Carolina, 8 am

West Virginia, 8 am

Louisville, 9:00 am

Missouri, 9:00 am

Massachusetts, 10:00 am

California, 1:00 pm

March 22nd

Delaware, 8:00 am

LSU, 9:00 am

Kentucky, 9:15 am

March 25th

Texas Tech, 11:00 am

Western Illinois, 11:30 am

Old Dominion, 1:00 pm

North Carolina, 1:00 pm

Iowa, TBD

March 26th

Florida International, 8:00 am

Iowa State, 8:30 am

Texas A&M, 9:15 am

Central Florida, 11:30 am

Duke, 12:00 pm

Florida Atlantic, 2:00 pm

March 27th

Maryland, 8:00 am

Memphis, 8:30 am

Florida, 8:30 am

Mississippi, 9:00 am

North Carolina State, 11:00 am

Arizona State, 11:00 am

Texas, 3:00 pm

March 28th

Virginia, 8:30 am

Houston, 9:30 am

Utah, 10:00 am

Florida State, 1:00 pm

March 29th

Mississippi, 9:00 am

South Florida, 9:00 am

TCU, 9:30 am

Virginia Tech, 10:30 am

April 1st

Washington, 2:00 pm

April 2nd

Indiana, 11:45 am

Boise State, 12:30 pm

April 3rd

Washington State, 1:00 pm

April 4th

Stanford, 12:00 pm

TBD pro day dates: