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Silver & Black Pridecast Ep 11: Raiders Free agency preview

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Free Agency kicks off today. We discuss the Raiders needs and how to address them.

Alex Thayer

The Free Agency negotiating period opens today, which means things are going to heat up quickly as agents speak with NFL teams to find the best deals for their clients. The Raiders figure to be major players with needs at a lot of positions and a good amount of money on which to fill those needs.

Several recent moves alter the Raiders approach this week, including and especially the trade to acquire wide receiver Antonio Brown in trade from the Steelers.

Myself and Tyler Smith go position by position in this one-hour episode of the Silver & Black Pridecast. We look at the current state of the position, the best fits on the free agent market, and even who they could look to in the draft should they not get what they need in free agency.

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