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Broncos get in on safety market, sign Kareem Jackson

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Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

With the Raiders making splashes in free agency and the Chiefs and Chargers already having solid squads, the Broncos are playing catch-up right now and they have an aging defense with plenty of good receivers in the division to slow down, including the newest one, Antonio Brown.

To that end, the Broncos have signed former Texans safety Kareem Jackson.

Jackson is a nine-year veteran out of Alabama, and he has 558 tackles, 16 interceptions and two sacks over his career, all with the Texans. The Broncos recently extended CB Chris Harris Jr.’s contract, but could possibly lose CB Bradley Roby. The Raiders and a few other teams are pursuing him at the moment, so Jackson looks like a way to fill a need without shelling out for a high-cost deal like what Washington gave Landon Collins earlier today.

Plenty of safeties remain on the market still, but Collins and Tyrann Mathieu have set the price high. We shall see in the coming days what other safeties or corners break the bank across the league.