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Antonio Brown has arrived at Raiders facility

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NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Late last night, newly acquired wide receiver Antonio Brown was on a plane, headed for Oakland. He posted a live video on his Instagram account saying “On my way!”

The very social media friendly receiver again hopped on Instagram live a bit later to say he was headed to the facility soon. You might also note sans Hulkamania blonde stache.

He has now arrived at the Raiders facility in Alameda according to NFL Network.

There he will have his first chance to speak with head coach Jon Gruden, GM Mike Mayock, and quarterback Derek Carr since joining them with the Raiders. No doubt they’ve all met before. Gruden had attended Steelers practices many times during his days as a Monday Night Football analyst and said he admired Brown’s work ethic.

Mayock probably met Brown during the draft process, not to mention a time or two since then.

Based on his post on twitter immediately after signing with the team, he and Derek Carr hit it off long ago at the Pro Bowl.

These make for much different meetings when you’re now part of the same franchise.