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Antonio Brown Raiders jersey is now a reality and it’s beautiful

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You don’t need to wonder what it would look like. You can get your own now.


Since the moment Antonio Brown knew he was headed to the Raiders, he began putting out pictures of what he would look like in a Raiders 84 jersey. Like this image he posted on his IG account.

Well, that Antonio Brown 84 Raiders jersey has now gone from fantasy to reality. Nike has just dropped it and it’s beautiful. You can get it here.

For the die-hard AB. fans out there, Fanatics also offers a Jersey Assurance Program, which means that any jersey purchased within the last 90 days can be exchanged for free if the player switches teams during that time span. Since this is a special event item, shipping will take two to four weeks once Brown’s number is announced.


Boomin’ T-shirt for $28 I Breaking T

Boomin’ hoodie for $48 I Breaking T

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