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A look into Antonio Brown’s past: Will he be accountable in Oakland?

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NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Oakland Raiders Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Two Antonio Browns have existed over the past year. There has been the one in Pittsburgh with the blonde mustache who missed Week 17, created tension in the locker room and often showed up late.

But recently, a different Brown has appeared to emerge. Since being traded to the Oakland Raiders, Brown has gotten rid of the blonde mustache, preached accountability and has worked out with Derek Carr along with visiting his house.

Before we make any predictions on what Brown will be like wearing the Silver and Black, let’s recount (just some of) his past mistakes in Pittsburgh with the help of Behind the Steel Curtain’s Jeff Hartman.

Hartman mentioned that Mike Tomlin’s failure to punish the star wide receiver over time let Brown lean toward the wild side.

Brown didn’t stay with the team at last year’s training camp, would leave on his own accord and miss team meetings. And he was often late whether it was to games, practices, charity events or PR events.

The tipping point came when Ben Roethlisberger blamed Brown for running the wrong route against the Denver Broncos in which Roethlisberger threw a game-clinching interception.

After that, JuJu Smith-Schuster was voted team MVP and that signaled the end for Brown.

At practice in Week 17, Big Ben wanted to run a route again because Brown did it wrong, but Brown didn’t take kindly to it and left. He didn’t talk to the team or respond to any calls. He then showed up wanting to play on Sunday but Tomlin stepped in and suspended him for the regular-season finale.

In addition to what Hartman touched on, Brown has also gotten in trouble for driving 100 MPHs in a suburb of Pittsburgh, throwing furniture off a balcony, and publicly criticizing Tomlin and Roethlisberger.

And then there is this detailed description of what Steeler Nation thought of Brown via Behind the Steel Curtain.

Brown’s performance on the field has consistently been at a Hall of Fame level, but there have been far too many antics off the field that should make Raider Nation worry about Brown’s time in Oakland.

It also is not the best optics to show up late to your own press conference and then proceed to constantly preach accountability.

However, it could have just been calculated madness on Brown’s part in order to land at the destination of his choice, for the smallest bounty, with a brand-new contract. And if that was his plan, he accomplished that.

After recounting Brown’s past in Pittsburgh, which Brown will the Raiders be getting? Will it be the Brown that was present during the press conference and preached accountability or the one that went crazy as a Steeler?

Raider Nation, let’s hear what you have to say.


Will Antonio Brown actually be accountable as an Oakland Raider?

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