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Antonio Brown says NFL trying to ‘create a war’ between him and new Raiders teammate Vontaze Burfict

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Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

With all the dirty plays for which linebacker Vontaze Burfict was known over the years in the NFL, perhaps none were more infamous and harder to watch than the one in which he knocks Antonio Brown unconscious with a blow to the head. So, naturally, when the Raiders added both Brown and Burfict this offseason, the questions arose about how the two would get along.

Burfict brushed off the idea that there were be friction between he and Brown, going as far as to say he can’t wait to meet him and the two of them “might be the closest friends on the team.”

Brown quickly took to twitter to let everyone know he and Burfict have talked and there are no hard feelings.

Thursday morning he must have grown tired of the continued discussion on the matter, because he went off on Instagram about what he sees as a non-story.

“It’s funny how the NFL will make you a villain with your own teammate now!” Brown said in his Instagram post. “Create a war within a war when basically we all on the same team, even though we [wear] different jerseys! Yea things happen on the field with all due respect it’s in the game! After the the game there’s real life and we do have personal lives families as real human beings! Encourage your brother do not beat them down or create a war amongst them we already fighting enough wars! Empower your peoples inspire your brother encourage someone not bind them by circumstances.”

If anyone should understand how the media works, it’s Brown. He used the media to create a spectacle and force his way out of Pittsburgh. He can’t now be upset that they have spent the past 24 hours wondering openly about how he and Burfict will co-exist.

It’s also the offseason. There is no games to discuss, unless you’re really into the AAF.

The NFL is not making anyone a villain with their teammate, but if Brown thought it important to clear the air about it, then he just did that.