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AAF Sunday night open thread: Johnny Manziel’s first game as Memphis takes on Birmingham

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Welcome to the Sunday night AAF game, as Memphis takes on Birmingham. Normally, this would be another normal game, but tonight is special, because Johnny Manziel makes his return to American football after a short stint in the CFL. Juan de la Futbol hasn’t been seen in many years after a failed career with the Browns.

He joins the Express, who have had plenty of quarterback troubles this season. Their presumed starter, Christian Hackenberg, was terrible, while Zach Mettenberger suffered an ankle injury. Tonight’s starter will be former Troy QB Brandon Silvers, but Manziel should see some time as well. Assuming Manziel is no longer on the nose dust, can he regain the form that helped him win the Heisman Trophy?

The Iron won’t make things easy on him with the best defensive line in the league and a pounding running game that likes to eat clock and rack up yardage. What will win out today, and can Manziel make the Express watchable?

The game will be on NFL Network at 5 PM Pacific time.