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DK Metcalf monster Combine kicks hype train full steam: Five reasons Raiders shouldn’t buy in at 4th overall pick

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NFL Combine - Day 3 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

While the entire football landscape has fallen in love with the combine performance of “The Human Bat-suit” DeKaylin Metcalf, someone has to be “that guy” and today it is myself. Armed with what many will call a horrible opinion, consider me the devil’s advocate for today.

Metcalf has done very well for himself in Indianapolis, running a sizzling 4.33 second 40 yard dash. Body beautiful in every sense of the phrase he benched 27 reps of 225 pounds, stands at 6-foot-3 and 3/8” weighs 228 pounds and has an unimaginable 1.6% body fat percentage. Here are five reasons why the Raiders need to resist getting caught up in the hype of the combine politics and draft him with the #4 pick.

1. Pass Rush is the most important need for this football team.

It can not be stated enough that the Oakland Raiders pass rush collected a league worst 13 sacks. Montez Sweat, is a player some have been down on present company included, but his sizzling 4.41 and 4.46 40 second time and 1.51 ten yard split is insane. The defensive lineman in this draft are testing way better at the combine as a whole. The top 5 guys in the draft are one quarterback and 4 edge players are among the best players available in the draft and the area of biggest need for the team.

2. His college production doesn’t match that of a number four pick in the draft.

Metcalf has put together an unimpressive college resume. In 21 total games his stats include 67 catches for 1228 yards 14TDs and averaging 18.3 yards per catch. A robust four 100+ yard receiving outputs. Two, yes two, multiple receiving touchdown games. Seven times in 21 games Metcalf was held without a touchdown 33% of his games.

3. His best ability isn’t availability.

Metcalf suffered a season ending neck injury in October of 2018, his injury would require surgery, but we are being led to believe that his longterm health will be fine. We shouldn’t buy it, neck surgeries are nothing to take lightly in a game as physical as football. Playing 21 games in three years, 12 games in 2017, and 7 or less games in the other two seasons leaves a lot to be desired.

4. His 1.6% body fat chiseled physique isn’t sustainable at the NFL level

According to Dr. David J Chao, Healthy human males carry up to 20% body fat, Athletes can have up to 10% body fat, a competition body builder sits at 3-5% body fat. At the life goal size of 1.6% the lack of fat will lead to a lack of energy and muscle loss.

5. The yards per catch are overinflated by the lack of receptions.

Metcalf has a unique problem of having a tad bit too much muscle and where it shows is his change of direction. In order to maintain top speed he must be traveling uninhibited in a straight line. It’s why his breaks are not sharp which leads to corrective action needing to take place in his route running. Talking to the media he readily admitted this.

Furthermore, when diving deeper into his stats an interesting trend is discovered. In nearly every game Metcalf has a surprise play where the defense isn’t prepared for just how big and fast he really was. Metcalf usually explodes for a 40+ yard explosive catch, which makes up anywhere from 50-75% of his total receiving yards in the game. From that point one he rarely catches more than 3-5 more passes and only on two occasions has caught multiple touchdowns.

Final Thoughts

I would love to have a player with these physical traits in the Raiders organization. I feel as though that is the perfect fit guy for Derek Carr to throw to. Speed and size is what the new Raiders are about to be all about. Getting the biggest toughest and fastest guys to blaze up the field and do it with flair and pizzazz. When I watch Metcalf I get a little nervous and a name comes to mind. Bruce Campbell, and no I didn’t just watch Army of Darkness either.

But NFL pedigree, A+ physical traits and measurable, if he is able to improve his route running and ability to hang onto the football he would be a great pick at #24 or even #27. But the pass rush is the number one need for the Raiders in the 2019 draft.