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Sunday AAF open thread: Birmingham Iron vs. San Antonio Commanders

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There are two more AAF games today, and the first features the hottest team in the league, the Birmingham Iron, facing off with the San Antonio Commanders at Legion Field in Alabama.

The Iron have one of, if not the best defense in the AAF, with a smothering defensive line and a secondary featuring former Notre Dame standout Max Redfield. But the straw that stirs the drink is former Browns first-round pick Trent Richardson, who has scored all six of the Iron’s offensive touchdowns this year on some tough running in the red zone. He looks exponentially better than he did in the NFL.

The Commanders have been able to get it done through the air with quarterback Logan Woodside and receiver Demarcus Ayers, but they will have a tough draw today against the Iron defense.

This game can be seen at 1 PM Pacific on the CBS Sports Network.