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AAF Saturday game thread: San Diego Fleet vs. Salt Lake Stallions

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Welcome to the second game of today’s AAF slate, featuring the San Diego Fleet and the Salt Lake Stallions. The Fleet carry a record of 3-4 while the Stallions are 2-5 and both teams will be looking to pick up a few extra wins before the end of the season.

Mike Bercovici has three straight 300-yard passing games for the Fleet, but with those yards he’s thrown seven picks and only five touchdowns, so the yards are a bit empty as far as points and wins go. The running game was working last week against Arizona, but the Stallions are the AAF’s stingiest run defense.

Salt Lake’s quarterback Josh Woodrum will take on a Fleet defense which has been porous the last few weeks, and they’ll look to their tight end Nick Truesdell to be a playmaker on offense.

This game can be seen at 5 PM Pacific on NFL Network.