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Raiders have big plans for preseason including potentially playing game in Canada

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Los Angeles Rams v Oakland Raiders Photo by Robert Reiners/Getty Images

Before we even knew whether the Raiders would be playing the 2019 season in Oakland, we knew one of their ‘home’ games would be played in London for the second season in a row. But that may not be the only game the Raiders are looking to send to another country or across the pond.

Multiple reports today have the Raiders looking into playing a preseason game in Canada. One report from Vic Tafur of the Athletic has them also discussing playing a preseason game in Hawaii.

This game would presumably also be a Raiders home game, so one less game in Oakland Coliseum, for a total of 8 — 1 preseason, 7 regular season.

On top of this, the Raiders are looking at having joint practices with their once and current Southern California neighbor Los Angeles Rams. These practices would likely happen in Napa as the Raiders traveled to LA to face the Rams last preseason, so the Rams will be coming to Oakland this time. That is unless it’s that game which they send north of the borders or halfway across the Pacific.

Last season the Raiders held joint practices in Napa with the Lions prior to their preseason contest. It’s becoming a pretty common practice around the NFL.