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Hang up at the wire: Oakland Stadium Authority says ‘one big issue’ standing in the way of finalizing deal with Raiders

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NFL: Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

You just knew this couldn’t go smoothly. A couple weeks ago reports had the Raiders and the Oakland Stadium Authority coming to terms on a deal for the 2019 season with an option for 2020. Now with the deal set to be made official on March 15, there is a hitch, according to Stadium Authority Executive Director, Scott McKibbon.

“Clearly I will say on the business terms of this deal, we’re 95% there. But there is this one big issue that we need to get worked out,” said McKibben.

“We still have one rather significant open issue and I will be going back to the Raiders to discuss that with them and hopefully we’ll be able to resolve it. If we can’t, there’s a possibility that we won’t have a deal.”

McKibben noted that in order for this issue to be resolved by the deadline, it must be on the agenda by next Tuesday. He wouldn’t say that if an agreement weren’t in place that everything would fall apart, but merely that they won’t have a deal in place by Friday. This would be very problematic for the NFL as schedule makers are waiting on this and Roger Goodell had hoped to have had a deal in place over a month ago.