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Updated: Antonio Brown will not be traded to Buffalo

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The up-to-the minute updated story of the shuffle off to Buffalo that never was for Antonio Brown.

Pittsburgh Steelers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

As we approached midnight on the day the Steelers said was their preferred deadline for finding a trade partner for Antonio Brown, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport dropped the bombshell that the Bills were “closing in on a deal” for Brown.

Naturally, this news spread quickly. It was also rebutted quickly. First by Antonio Brown himself on Instagram, calling it “Fake news.”

That in and of itself isn’t proof a deal wasn’t happening. There could have easily been discussions the Bills and Steelers were having that he wasn’t in on. But it didn’t stop there.

Soon there was an actual conflicting report from Vic Carucci, who is a very trusted voice when it comes to the Bills. Carucci said a deal is not imminent and his source went on to say it was “unlikely.”

And then AP’s John Wawrow chimed in to echo the sentiment that a trade was not imminent or even likely.

Then, of course, there’s the wild card in all this — Antonio Brown. Even if the two teams are headed for an agreement, will Brown nix it. Could it be that his opposition to the trade is what turned a deal that seemed imminent into anything but?

UPDATE: It would appear Brown did refuse to report to the Bills.

That’s so AB.

This doesn’t mean we won’t wake up tomorrow to see Antonio Brown in Buffalo after all. It doesn’t mean the deal is off.

UPDATE: The deal is off. Bills GM made a statement saying such.

The Raiders are still thought to be in the mix, but this certainly doesn’t mean they are for sure the next option. Brown could refuse that trade as well in favor of, say, Indianapolis, which is reportedly also interested.

Potentially the next most interested team could be the Packers according to ESPN’s Dianna Russini.

UPDATE: The Packers interest is only if Brown’s compensation goes down as well as his guaranteed money demands as well, according to Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

You can imagine Antonio Brown would much prefer catching passes from Aaron Rodgers than Josh Allen.

There hasn’t been a dull moment in the Antonio Brown saga yet. If anything it’s getting kind of annoying. But it just wouldn’t be fitting for it to end with a soft landing. This thing is going out guns blazing.