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Saturday AAF open thread: Salt Lake Stallions vs. San Diego Fleet

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Welcome to the late AAF game this fine Saturday, pitting the Salt Lake Stallions against the San Diego Fleet in beautiful Southern California. It’s a far cry from last week, when the Stallions played in a driving snowstorm, falling at home to Orlando.

The Fleet will once again make Mike Bercovici under center this week, his first time back since getting knocked out of the Week 1 game against San Antonio by a vicious hit. Bercovici will look to show he’s grown in his mastery of head coach Mike Martz’ complex offense.

The Stallions have won only a single game so far, in Week 3 against Arizona, but all their games have been competitive and usually within one score. Can the team from Utah overcome their offensive woes and get a commanding win today?

The game will be on at 5 p.m. Pacific on NFL Network.