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Raiders NFL Draft hats are here and you are going to want one

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Get your first look at the new Raiders draft hat here, available for order right now.

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Draft hats are not usually a desirable item unless you’re some kind of hat junky who simply wants every version of your team’s hat. It doesn’t matter what this hat is for, it’s hot.

It features the Raiders shield atop a silver American flag to symbolize Raider Nation. This shit is fire, I don’t care who you are or which team you root for.

There are several styles including the silver on black 59FIFTY, 39THIRTY. 9FIFTY, 9FORTY, and Youth 9FIFTY. There is also an alternate white on blue 39THIRTY for those who want something a little different.

You are seeing this hat here first, the moment it becomes available for order. Just bang the link of the style you like below to order. I expect to see a lot of these this coming season.

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