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The Alliance of American Football suspends all operations after just 8 weeks

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This sucks.

AAF: Salt Lake Stallions at San Diego Fleet Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Just two weeks from the end of their inaugural season, the Alliance of American Football has suspended its operations according to multiple reports. The league was losing money and its largest investor decided he wasn’t willing to keep it going.

Despite seemingly doing everything the right way to ensure the league’s success, it didn’t work. At least not yet. And without the capital to even make it through what would amount to four more games, including the playoffs, it seems very possible we’ve seen the last of the AAF.

It’s sad, really. For many, the idea of a legitimate NFL developmental league was a long time coming. The problem was the NFLPA never got onboard and NFL teams were unwilling to allow their practice squad players to play in the league, so the talent pool was not what it needed to be.

There were several recent Raiders players in the league, including Damontre Moore who was second in the league with 7.0 sacks through eight games. Or Garrett Gilbert who led the league with 2152 passing yards.

These players deserved to see at least this one season follow through to the Championship game, which would have taken place just prior to the start of NFL OTA’s. But they won’t get that chance. Which was all any of them wanted when they signed up. A chance.