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Poll results have AFC West as NFL’s most lopsided division in 2019

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NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

A recent poll we put out has Raiders fans pretty confident about the team’s chances this season. That’s not uncommon. Fans are usually pretty confident this time of year, though 80% of Raider Nation claiming they would bet the over on 6 wins is quite confident. As a whole, however, AFC West fans are not so confident in the Raiders’ prospects this season, while no team got more of a vote of confidence than the Chiefs.

One of the recent FanPulse surveys asked fans in each division across the network who they thought would win their team’s division. No division had a larger distance between the favorite and least favored than the AFC West, where the 78% of fans picked the Chiefs to win it compared to just 4% for the Raiders.

That’s a 74% difference. Denver wasn’t much better, with a 72% difference, making for the most lopsided division in football.

Other division differentials and leader vs cellar were as follows:

NFC West 72%: Rams 75%, Cardinals 3%

AFC East 71%: Patriots 77%, Dolphins 6%

NFC South 66%: Saints 71%, Buccaneers 5%

NFC East 61%: Eagles 64%, Washington 3%

NFC North 59%: Bears 66%, Lions 7%

AFC South 48%: Colts 58%, Titans 10%

AFC North 45%: Browns 53%, Bengals 8%

Though, as you can see here, there are two teams whose percentage in the poll was lower than the Raiders. The Cardinals and Washington each got 3% of the vote.

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