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Following report of Raiders clearing out scouting staff comes that of ‘big surprise’ draft pick

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NFL: Oakland Raiders Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Much has been made recently about the report of growing paranoia inside the Raiders front office after Ian Rapoport tweeted this out Friday afternoon.

Many in the media have taken the opportunity to suggest this makes the Raiders hierarchy look dysfunctional at such a crucial point in the draft process.

“It’s a bizarre report for many reasons,” said Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. “First, it suggests an unprecedented level of paranoia. Second, it reveals that Gruden and Mayock have no functional plan for securing the most sensitive information regarding their final draft board or strategy, without demoralizing the entire scouting staff. Third, acting on the lack of trust creates the impression that the Raiders are more dysfunctional than other teams, even if other teams have the same concerns.”

Some in the business have taken the stance that clearing the scouting room before the draft is actually standard procedure including Mayock’s former NFL Network colleague, Daniel Jeremiah.

The rumors continue to swirl this week, again it was Ian Rapoport who is now reporting a surprise pick by the Raiders at four.

With Mike Mayock preaching best player available it’s hard to imagine any kind of surprises happening at pick four. Gruden has the reputation of falling in love with players but even Gruden understands the importance of nailing this pick. Whether the pick ends up a surprise will depend on who you ask. For instance, who the Raiders were interested in drafting last year wasn’t a surprise presumably because their interest was leaked. I would still expect a very high end talent at pick four with little risk involved. Some surprise is a good thing.