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NFL Draft odds, prop bets: Raiders among shortest odds to trade top pick, select QB, more

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2018 NFL Draft Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

We can speculate until the cows come home, but the likelihood of how things will go down doesn’t quite seem real until the oddsmakers weigh in. That’s because for them, whether they make or lose a lot of money depends on getting the line right.

The odds-makers over at have their latest odds and betting lines. Some of them about things that matter, some for things that are less crucial.

Most notable among the odds is that of trading their pick, for which the Raiders have the third best odds. The odds-makers favor the Jets (4/5) as the most likely team to trade a top pick, with the 49ers (2/1), Raiders (3/1) and Cardinals (3/1) not far behind.

They have also set the Over/Under on total trades by the end of the first round at 6.5. This is after the Chiefs already traded their first round pick to Seattle today.

Raiders are also 4/1 odds to pick a QB.

And they really don’t think Josh Jacobs’s draft stock is all it’s being hyped up to be. We are in agreement on that one.

Here are those odds as well as some other interesting odds.

Odds to be the #1 Pick

1. Kyler Murray: 1/2

2. Nick Bosa: 4/1

3. Quinnen Williams: 7/1

4. FIELD: 99/1

Odds the following team trades their first pick

1. Arizona: 3/1

2. 49ers: 2/1

3. Jets: 4/5

4. Raiders: 3/1

5. Buccaneers: 6/1

Odds to select a QB in the first round

1. Arizona: 2/5

2. NY Giants: 3/4

3. Denver: 2/1

4. Cincinnati: 3/1

5. Miami: 3/1

6. Oakland: 4/1

7. Washington: 5/1

Odds the Raiders do not trade any of their #1 picks: 2/1

Odds Josh Rosen is traded before the end of the first round: 5/2

Over/Under QB’s selected in Round #1: 3.5 (over -175; under +175)

Over/under on number of 2019 First Round picks traded between April 24 and the end of the first round: 6.5

Player in Daniel Jeremiah’s top 32 that will fall the farthest from his ranking:

1. Josh Jacobs (#8, RB): 3/2

2. Jeffrey Simmons (#15, DT): 5/1

3. Devin Bush (#9, DB): 9/1

4. Christian Wilkins (#7, DT): 11/1

5. Noah Fant (#13, TE): 14/1

Odds to be the last player of the 22 players attending left in the green room

1. Josh Jacobs: 4/1

2. Brian Burns: 6/1

3. Andre Dillard: 8/1

4. Marquise Brown: 9/1

5. Christian Wilkins: 10/1

6. DeAndre Baker: 12/1

7. Devin Bush 15/1

8. DK Metcalf: 18/1